The Buffet

I told you about my first call with 300 other extras.  My second job, however, only had about 40 of us and it is here I found out about the buffet.

The Buffet

I was surprised on my first job that the other extras were complaining that they hadn’t been fed yet.  They finally gave us a boxed lunch.  It was okay.  But since I wasn’t expecting anything I was pretty happy.  I had no idea that you usually get a meal when you work.  So it was on my second job, which was for a Netflix show called Easy, that I discovered the buffet.  There is always a caterer on set and a meal is almost always provided.  Most of the time.

It really depends on how long you work and also, the hours you work.  I haven’t really figured out all the ins and outs but all in all, I have eaten quite well since starting my life in the background.  And I’m going to have to tame it down a bit.  Unfortunately, I need to lose some weight and having all the good food right in front of me isn’t helping.  In addition to a good buffet meal, they sometimes bring in pizza.  Pizza is also not a good thing for my waist line.  But when you’ve been working and you’re beginning to become hangry, it’s pretty hard to turn it down.

The Buffet healthy choice
My healthy choices! I’m so proud of me.

Commit to healthy eating

There are some healthy options that I will need to stick with if I don’t want to gain another ten pounds.  There is always a salad bar option and quite often, there is a fish option.  And you can usually find some great vegetable dishes too.  This picture shows the healthy meal I had last week when working on Proven Innocent, a Fox mid-season release coming soon.  So, if I can focus on those foods, I should be able to stay on tract.  Except for the dessert table.  Walking by that is going to be a struggle!  If you look closely at the picture, there is a small slice of chocolate cheesecake.  Who can pass up chocolate cheesecake?! And as far as pizza goes, I will either have to keep some healthier options in my bag or at least limit my portions.  But I do love pizza!


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