How do I find more work?

How do I find more work? set photo
Taken last week on the set of Proven Innocent. Great Chicago Skyline in the background.

I’ve been working steadily about once a week for the past couple of months.  But how do I find more work?  I would love to work at least 2 or 3 times a week and I know it can be done because I talk to people who do so.  So this post is here to brainstorm ways of finding more work.

How do I find more work?

These are the top 5 ways that I have learned so far in finding work as an extra.  Hopefully we’ll be able to increase this list when my blog goes public and will, hopefully, have some readers who know more than I do about the background artist industry.

1.  Keep your profile up to date.

As I stated in the previous post, 4 Star Casting has an online POP Profile that you should complete as thoroughly as possible.  This includes all of your sizes!  Yes, get out that tape measure.  You will need it.  Be sure to update the availability calendar too.  I’m not sure but I suspect it’s an algorithm that spits out who is available and generates availability checks.  So marking yourself as available might be better than leaving the dates blank.

2.  Keep your photos up to date and change often.

You need to have current photos of how you look now.  I would love to provide pictures from ten years ago when I was younger and skinnier but they need to see what you look like right now.  And don’t keep sending the same photos over and over.  Give the casting agents various photos in various styles.  You should have a business look, an evening wear look, a casual look, and any other look you can think of.  I’ve seen posts looking for homeless types, so even a no-make-up, very sloppy dirty clothes look would be appropriate.

3.  Bring along good wardrobe choices.

You should always have at least 3 choices of outfits for the wardrobe person to choose from.  Don’t bring super bright colors or crazy patterns unless asked to.  Pay attention to the wardrobe notes and bring appropriate choices.  You wouldn’t want them not to hire you again because you are known for showing up with either bad choices or no choices.

4.  Follow the casting agency’s social media and try and submit as quickly as possible to any listings.

Most of the agencies that I know of at this time post calls on their Facebook pages.  You can set your FB to see those posts first or to have a notification if there is a post from them.  I really wanted to take a social media break during this crazy political climate but that is the only way I can find jobs.  Maybe I should have a Facebook account that I only use for following the casting agencies.  What do you think?

5.  Pay attention on the set and listen to all directions.

They’re not going to want to work with you if you are not going to listen to what they need from you and do it without complaining.  You know you’re an extra, not the star of the show, so don’t expect to be treated like one.  Of course we should all be treated fairly and in my experience, I have been.  But I have seen some people who act like they’re doing the show a huge favor by being there.  Remember, it’s a job.  Do your job.

Let Me Know

Let me know what you think about the above 5 ways to find more background acting jobs.  How do I find more work? has been my question since I began this journey and I hope to add to this list as I go along.  Any additions would be greatly appreciated.


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